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Homemade Breakfast & Gourmet Lunch in Williston, Vermont

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Deli Meat Sandwich with Turkey - Local Cafe in Williston, VT
Gourmet Lunch Plates - Local Cafe in Williston, VT
At Simply Divine Cafe in Williston, Vermont, we specialize in creating homemade breakfast and gourmet lunches.
Homemade Breakfast
Our homemade breakfast runs late so that everyone can enjoy our wonderful dishes. Our menu features fresh-made quiches, pastries, many breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and teas. Breakfast is served throughout the day from 7:00 a.m.– 3:00 p.m.
Gourmet Lunch
Our gourmet lunch options include a variety of delicious sandwiches and 2–3 freshly made soups for you to choose from. Like our homemade breakfast, you'll be able to enjoy lunch at our local cafe from open to close for your convenience.

A wide variety of fresh salads are available for those who like to eat light, but a full menu is available from open to close every day so there's always something for everyone.
Contact us in Williston, Vermont, to learn more about the fresh, homemade menu selections at our local cafe.